Bradley v. City of New Orleans
1998-2239 (La. App. 4 Cir. 2/17/99), 731 So. 2d 353

Ms. Bradley, a former nurse, lost her leg and sustained other serious spinal injuries in an auto accident caused by the negligence of a City employee.  After a ten day trial before Judge Bernette Johnson (now a Louisiana Supreme Court justice), Ms. Bradley was awarded over $5.6 million for the loss of her leg and other injuries and resulting disability.  After further protracted litigation to collect the judgment, the final resolution resulted in over $4.5 million to Ms. Bradley, which was proclaimed by City officials to be the largest sum collected by a personal injury client against the City in the history of  New Orleans.

Williams v. New Orleans Public Service and the City of New Orleans...
with Achee v. New Orleans Public Service and the City of New Orleans, 433 So 2d 1129 (1983)

On May 3, 1978, much of New Orleans flooded due to an incessant rainstorm for several hours.  Parts of New Orleans East were under 3-4 feet of water.  Mr. Williams grabbed a street sign to balance himself and was electrocuted.  Another lady Ms. Achee touched the same sign and was thrown backwards and suffered a serious neck injury, requiring surgery.  After a week long jury trial involving complicated electrical engineering issues, Mr. Ferrouillet proved that the street sign had cut an underground wire used to illuminate street lights causing the sign to be electrified during the flood.  The sign was placed there by a City employee and the wire was not buried deep enough by the utility company in accordance with industry standards.  Both the utility company and the City were found liable, resulting in significant monetary awards to the clients.

Parker v. Essex Insurance
845 So. 2d 1057 No 2003-C-0671

Ms. Parker suffered a significant back injury after a full due to unsafe flooring. She was offered nothing to settle her claim due to almost 50 years of documented back problems. After a several day trial, a jury awarded her what amounted to over $750,000. Her judgment was upheld after appeals. Although no settlement was offered, and although the insurance policy limits were only $300,000, after further pursuit by Ferrouillet Law Firm, insurer was liable for its insured’s portion of judgment.

Total amount collected exceeded $750,000. (Appellate decision not published).

Marshall v. Norfolk Southern Railroad

Mr. Marshall sustained a significant brain injury after a railcar door became dislodged and fell on him. After much litigation, the case settled for a very substantial sum (amount kept confidential by agreement of the parties). Mr. Marshall and his family were financially secure for life.


Estate of Jones v. Razoo Bar

Mr. Jones was the unfortunate young African American student who died outside Razzoo Bar on New Year’s eve 2004 while being suppressed by Razzoo bouncers.  Mr. Ferrouillet was asked by referring co-counsel to join in and try the case if necessary.  The case was settled for a significant amount after extensive litigation. (The amount of the settlement is subject to a confidentiality agreement.)

Harvey v. State of La. DOTD
2000-1877 (La. App. 4 Cir. 9/26/01), 799 So.2d 569.

Successfully litigated case against State Dept. of Transportation for a defective highway design causing plaintiff to veer off of dark road at night.  Judgment valued at over a million dollars with interest and costs.